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Tech freak. Trek freak. Not a tik-tok freak, but otherwise loves (creating) all content equally. Be it for any screen size (there's not much difference in his surname Sareen and screen)! Truly loves the process of film making, from the storming of brains to the delivery of the master(piece). Graduated from Hindu, mastered film from Syracuse, earned his chops as a journalist and TV professional at Newstrack and Sony respectively. Mild mannered and gentle, but will bite your head off if you come in the way of his work.



Globe trotter. Story plotter. No idea is too big, nor daunting. Loves the challenge of turning ideas into reality. Eclectic life experience. Born and bred in Germany. Educated at The Doon School (enjoys being part of one of the strongest alumni fraternities in the world). Business admin studied at The University of Bath. Business acumen honed in Turkey, South Africa and Russia. Dream business started in India with like minded creative minds. Driven equally by creativity as by creating value. Straightforward any way you look at him. Spell Roopak Kapoor backwards and see for yourself!


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Structure from Kubrick, narration from Scorsese. Style from Tarantino, storytelling from Iñárritu. A cinema buff with the purpose of learning from the greats. Has a penchant for the visual spectacle (replace the 'h' in his name with a 'u'... what a coincidence!). His pilot's licence from back in the day may have expired, but he captains his crew with precision and passion. No detail is too small, nor is it ordinary. Seeks perfection and creativity in every aspect of life, be it making a meal or making a film. Skill and commitment have earned him a place at Small Screen's table. Ab big screen dur nahin!

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There's something about Small Screen, but since we don't like to show off, let us tell you what we're not...

We're not a pure play production house. Why? Because we like to think beyond just production. Need an end-to-end solution from creatives to distribution? Call us! The ideas, strategy, and content specialists.

We're not limited to any genre. Long format award winning shows for leadingTV channels - check. Digital content with 200 million views - check. Factual, fictional, branded content - check, check, check!

We're not newbies. We've been around for more than 20 years. But we're not limited to the grey matter or grey hair of the partners. We have a young and dynamic team of in-house directors, producers, writers, editors and animators.

We're not a pop & pop shop. We're an organisation of seasoned professionals at the top of their game and bagged few awards along the way to prove it. We're not local. We have a pan India network of the best professionals in the country. Did we say organisation already?

We’re not vendors. We like to partner with our clients and take ownership of projects. We won't shy from arguing with you if it benefits the product. In the end you'll appreciate it. Just like they did.

So if you think we've showed off enough by telling you what we're not, rest assured we can make your content show off for you too!

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